Posted by: Clarity Blog | February 24, 2013

The New Age of Retail Shopping on Mobile


We all know that the mobile world is big right now. It’s true most consumers are still spending more time on their desktops than on their mobile devices, but that gap is getting smaller every day. According to Research and Markets, mobile is revolutionizing all aspects of retail purchasing, both online and offline, and their report shows you where the market is, how you can profit from it and how mobile is critical for your retail strategy. If your website is not optimized for tablets and smart phones, you may be losing out on significant retail profits in the coming year.

Customers are ready for smart in-store shopping experiences aided by mobile technology. It’s time for a future where mobile shoppers will thoroughly understand every product on a store’s shelf. Retail stores will have a better understanding of what each individual customer wants, needs and interests. From the moment the shopper enters that store these new mobile devices will help them to discover, evaluate and buy products that are the best fit for them.

Mobile is changing the retail industry, as people will perform a variety of shopping-related functions on their phones and tablets. They are comparing items, looking up reviews and even purchasing the item via mobile. By connecting the in-store and online shopping experience, you provide more value to your consumers. The blend of in-store and mobile retail shopping helps to make the relationship between a shopper and a brand stronger and longer lasting.

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